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Introduction to Image Making

I’ll be using this blog as a digital sketchbook, in which it will track my progress throughout my projects whilst studying Interactive Media Design at Northumbria University.

Here are the colour’s I’m planning to use within my posters. I’ve kept it down to three key colours, so that the campaign has a clear colour theme. I feel I have a nice balance of neutral calming colours to portray Assange in a positive light and the red to evoke a more angry response.

Here are the colour’s I’m planning to use within my posters. I’ve kept it down to three key colours, so that the campaign has a clear colour theme. I feel I have a nice balance of neutral calming colours to portray Assange in a positive light and the red to evoke a more angry response.

Issue’s Uploading Sketches

I’ve had quite a few problems uploading scans of my sketches. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

Colour Scheme

I’ve been thinking a lot about what type of colour scheme I want to use I was initially drawn to very bold colours such as deep red’s etc. However, haven thought about it further I feel that a more subtle colour is needed, as due to the bad press WikiLeaks has received from the media, my campaign will have to persuade the viewer that what they belief in is something worth looking at. Therefore I want to use blues and greens within my work as these a calming natural colours that will portray Julian Assange and WikiLeaks in a more personable manor, rather than using red’s which would evokes anger and suggests hatred. On the other hand I do feel that for some of my images red will work really well, as for some of my images I want to create a feeling of anger. 


For my poster’s I’ve decided I want to keep them really simple, with one colour backgrounds and focus on dramatic shadows. I’ve chosen to do this as I feel that due to it being a poster campaign the viewer will most likely be passing by the image and therefore the image has to convey a message quickly, it also has to be striking enough for the viewer to take a second look, that is why I have chosen to use dramatic contrast between shadows and the light areas of the image. I also want to centre the campaign around three main images; Julian Assange, as he is the most public figure of the organisation and has featured heavily in the news recently and will therefore be most recognisable. Computer’s, the viewer has to make a direct link that the work WikiLeaks and the likes of is all on the internet and that this is very much a form of cyber-terrorism. I also want to try and portray the kinds of things that are possible for example a broken computer suggesting what would happen if a whole network was brought down. Fingers, I want to use fingers within my work as this allows the viewer to relate to the images and almost understand that they can do something and all it takes is the click of a button and all this information is there in front of them. I also want to use imagery of a pointing finger to really place some form of pressure on the viewer.


I really like the idea of repetition within my campaign, whether it be an image, colour scheme or font, perhaps all three. I feel that if there is a continuos repetition of imagery etc then it ties the whole campaign together and creates a finished feel. I also feel that the more something is repeated the more people begin to pay attention to it and question what they are seeing, this then forces them to create an opinion on it, whether it be a positive opinion or a negative one, either way it evokes a reaction.  It is this idea that I am interested in and would like to apply to my campaign. 

"You have to start with truth. The truth is the only way we can get anywhere. Because any decision-making that is based upon lies or ignorance can’t lead to a good conclusion"
- Julian Assange

And so it begins!

It’s quite funny that at the start of this project the thought of people actually crashing networks and websites seemed quite distant to me, and now nearing the end of this project it’s all kicking off.


Slight Change Of Direction

After finally feeling like I had got my head around the subject of “cyber-terrosim”, I read into it more, and it became more and more obvious that cyber-terrorism is an extremely broad subject. Due to this I was finding it difficult to produce ten ideas that would work affectively as a awareness campaign. It was at this point WikiLeaks was all over the news and media, I then had the idea to create a campaign challenging the website’s beliefs> However, having considered it further I decided that it would be more interesting to create a campaign supporting Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. I then began to play around with some ideas and started thinking about colour schemes etc.

Post Research Thoughts

Having looked further into cyber terrorism, I’ve realized that my initial perception of cyber terrorism was wrong. I originally was of the impression that cyber terrorism was only really a threat to peoples personal details being stolen, along the lines of fraud etc. However, having read up on the subject I now realize that as much as that may be a part of cyber terrorism and is not to be ignored, there is a much bigger picture to be seen, as the threat of power grids, air control towers, hospitals all being brought to a standstill through hacking computer networks becomes continually more prominent. We live in a age where we are becoming more and more reliant on technology therefore the thought of whole networks being brought down is a scary one and we can only imagine the mass panic that would ensue if such an attack was launched.

Now having a better understanding of the subject I’m excited to get some sketches done of how I want my posters to look. Now that I know how serious this topic is, I want to go down quite a sinister route with dark colors contrasting with light colors to provide impact. I also want to make sure the “cyber terrorist” appears threatening as i feel the image of terrorists has been parodied so many times before that there is the danger of making the character seem comical. I also want to use bold tag lines that will draw the viewer in or that will convey my message instantly. 

Decision Time - Cyber Terrorism

Having looked over all my initial ideas I’ve decided to go with cyber terrorism. I feel it has a greater depth of images within it, and will allow me to fully explore different styles of propaganda. At this point I’d like to look at almost re-creating the old WW2 propaganda posters and adjusting them to cyber terrorism, I also want to look into ways of creating some scaremongering images so I’m not just focussing on creating an awareness campaign. I’ll explore both these ideas and see which one is better, more research and some sketches to come.